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If you have a question about this site feel free to post it. This is not for questions related to random subject matter but to the site.


Got a suggestion for a board or some other suggestion? Post it


Got some news you want to be put on the frontpage? Post it here, I'll check it out and if it seems newsworthy I'll put in the news for the frontpage.

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suggestion, detailed instructions and walkthrough of all features please

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To God King RisingThumb,

Would it be possible to have perminant accounts so we can have custom pfp and stuff like that? Or this against the ethos of YanChan?


Permanent accounts exist but they are admin/moderator/janitor accounts (board mods/janitors included).

The most consistent way to maintain a verifiable identity is tripcodes. In the name section you put username#password and the server generates a hash for that user which can be used and verified in all threads and boards.

This post is an example of a tripcode, if you look at the name section


Also no profile pictures. Should've mentioned that, but images with posts are fine

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